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Atlanta Cheesecake Company is a producer of innovative, eye-appealing, mouth-watering products of the highest quality for the best possible price. Our focus is gourmet products for the consumer. Our products are created to appeal to all economic classes and with minor variations to all ethnic groups. It is the unique style and dedication of a family owned business that has allowed us to become a leader in the dessert industry. We are recognized for our ethics and high business standards. Atlanta Cheesecake Company takes pride in our products, our facility, our employees, our integrity, our community involvement, our customer relationships and our good name.
Atlanta Cheesecake Company is a subsidiary of Panarama Incorporated, which began in 1988 on the Van der Blom family’s farm, Panarama Ranch, located in Anniston, Alabama. Founders, Margaret, Dina, and David van der Blom always dreamed of owning a family business. It was their grandmother’s cheesecake recipe that inspired them to enter the dessert industry. With her blessings they opened their first commercial baking facility on the family farm and as a tribute to her they sold their first cakes under the Granny Boozers Gourmet Cheesecakes label. Within several years, as demand for their “home-made” creations grew, they relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to a larger leased space. After three years of phenomenal growth and customer demand for their desserts, the company once again was faced with the need for additional space. The decision was made to purchase a 125,000 square foot facility north of the city, in Kennesaw, Georgia where they still do business today.
Atlanta Cheesecake Company is committed to the highest standards in “food quality and safety”. Our products are produced in a state-of-the-art GFSI-certified facility under professionally guided programs that emphasize “home-made” quality, food safety, and stringent adherence to detail. In addition, our Research and Development facility as well as our Quality Assurance laboratory ensure that we continue to develop and produce the best products available. Classic all-American recipes, using only the finest natural ingredients, are used to produce our delicious desserts – we don’t follow formulas and we don’t add chemicals! A combination of precision automation and traditional scratch-baking techniques guarantees decadent, delicious, down-home desserts every time.
Community Involvement
Atlanta Cheesecake Company understands the importance of a strong community. Throughout the years, Atlanta Cheesecake Company has been a great supporter of its community not only through donations but also through personal interaction. Atlanta Cheesecake Company sponsors numerous church groups, schools, and little league teams. We also support such worthy organizations as, The Atlanta and Anniston food banks, Good Old Boys, Toys for Tots and the United Way. Every quarter Atlanta Cheesecake Company hosts an internal philanthropy event in an effort to better our community.
Atlanta Cheesecake Company will deliver quality by never compromising on our high product standards for any reason. We will “go the extra mile” to ensure that our customers get what they want; when they want it, and exactly the way they want it. We guarantee that you or the recipient of your gift will be 100% satisfied with our fabulous desserts. If you have any questions or problems, please call us and we will make every effort to assure that you are satisfied.